Friday, 15 April 2011

Caledonian Road Portraits.

In mid February 2011 I moved to Caledonian Road, Islington. I have begun a documentary portrait project on the traders, inhabitants and general familiar faces of the road. In an attempt to document the community around me, whilst portraying it's diverse neighbourhood.

Anya Johnson, Organiser of The Cally Festival

The Halal Butchers

Bruce Milano, Salamis II (a liqueur shop which has been operating on the road since 1964)

Yasar and Hanife Yasar, Yasar Food Market

Train stations...

January 2011, Bournemouth and Christchurch Stations.

(Some accidental multiple exposures...)

Christchurch Station

A waiting passenger with the station background

Once more

A waiting passenger (who had difficulty keeping still)

A train arrives and departs at Christchurch Station (long exposure)

A sunday walk.

... With a wonderful old friend, along the beach where we grew up.

From Branksome Chime towards Poole

Family Portraits.

 ... Taken on boxing day, in the evening. Very tricky forty five second long exposures, a fidgety sibling and two very patient cousins.

These images are the first with the MPP (the previous were taken with a borrowed Wista).

Lana (cousin)

Matthew (brother)

Stefan (cousin)